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CNC cutting table for waterjet:

The table consists of water tank, X-Y bridge motion system, Z axis motion system, cutting head assembly, and abrasive reservoir with flow control valve. Overpass style. The common waterjet model sizes are:
4'x4' (1300x1300mm)
4'x8' (1300x2500mm)
5'x10' (1600x3200mm)
6'x10' (2000x3000mm)
6'x13' (2000x4000mm)
Max Z-axis travel is 6" (150mm).

Water tank
Water tank is 100% stainless steel. Supporting frame of the tank is fabricated. Slats are zinc plated or stainless steel to prevent rust. Total maximum load 1000kg per square meter. The water tank is supported by anti-vibration footers. Footers are also used to adjust the level of the tank. Overflow drain pipe is installed in side the water tank.

              CNC cutting table of waterjet
X-Y-Z motion system

X-Y movement is driven by AC brushless servo motors,
with fully enclosed motion system including ballscrew,
ball baring and Precision Linear Motion Guide.
- Positioning accuracy +/-0.04mm.
- Positioning repeatability accuracy +/-0.01mm.
- Cutting tolerance within +/-0.15mm.
- Max travel speed 10m/min.
- Remote manual control.

Z axis motion
- Max travel: 150mm.
- DC motor with reducer.
- Manual control with the CNC controller or with the remote.
ball screw used on waterjet

servo motor on waterjet

CNC controller

The controller uses the latest technology industry grade computer.
- Pentium CPU.
- Minimum 160G Hard drive.
- Minimum 1 GB RAM.
- Serial communication port.
- USB2 port.
- Ethernet ready.
- 19" LCD monitor display.
- Windows operating system.
    CNC controller hardware
                      waterjet CNC controller

The controller is capable of X-Y axis interpolation movement. Accelerate or decelerate the motion and high speed travel from point to point. Visualization without motion or simulation with axis motion but no jetting of water/abrasive are standard features included. Error stop and trace repeat are also very useful features. Out of range warning and hard stop to prevent damage of the cutting head. Emergency shut off switch is provided as shown with the arrow in the picture.

There are 3 axis and 5 axis waterjet CNC controllers.

3 axis CNC controller

5 axis CNC controller

The controllers have specific features desgined for cutting with waterjet, such as turn on/off high pressure, abrasive, and cutting jet. Controller is capable to add lead in lead out, kerf offset, and set machine orders.

CAM software for waterjet

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